Outdoor accommodation

We provide spacious outdoor enclosures on fresh grass with a hutch inside which can be moved. Enclosures are situated in a beautiful orchard providing plenty of shade for those hot sunny days. Enclosures also contain omelet hideaway houses with play tunnels attached, dig boxes and forage boxes containing botanicals, treats and fresh goodies all hidden away in shredded paper to provide stimulation for your beloved pet.

Indoor accommodation

Facilities can either be use of a cattery pen or accommodation in a spacious room within the house with access for your pet to safely roam.

We will provide all bedding and hay.

All visitors will be provided with fresh vegetables (homegrown when in season) and dandelions etc. picked from our own fields.

Owners to provide dry food/any dietary requirements

Hamsters/gerbils/mice/rats to preferably come and visit in their own cages/house however we can accommodate if needed.

Any other animal information please contact Alison on 07800 721991