Pricing per Day

  • Outdoor enclosures- £8.00 per day
  • Outdoor enclosures accommodate Rabbits, Guinea pigs and hens etc
  • Indoor pen- £8.00 per day (£10.00 from January 1st 2024)
    Indoor enclosures accommodate Rabbits and other animals.
    The indoor pen includes a visit in either one of our cattery pens or one of our household spacious rooms which both include heating.
  • Hamsters, gerbils etc £3.00 daily
  • Bird’s £8.00 daily

For all other animals please contact Alison.

We will provide all bedding and hay.

All visitors will be provided with fresh vegetables (homegrown when in season) and dandelions etc. picked from our own fields.

Owners to provide dry food/any dietary requirements

Hamsters/gerbils/mice/rats to preferably come and visit in their own cages/house however we can accommodate if needed.

Any other animal information please contact Alison on 07800721991.